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While we encourage you to dream big about your Parade Entry, there are a few restrictions to ensure that the Parade is safe and aligned with Wagga Mardi Gras Parade Working Committee values. Entries will be checked prior to the commencement of the Parade by Parade Officials, so please consider the following when producing your entry:

SELECTION PROCESS: We may assess all applications to determine which entries will be accepted into the 2020 Parade.

LGBTQIA and other organisations are encouraged, and all applications will be assessed on meeting the eligibility criteria and providing a well-designed, creative concept.

FLOAT MARSHALLS: Each individual entry must provide one designated Float Marshal to act as the official liaison and emergency contact between the Entrant group and Wagga Mardi Gras officials.

Marshalls must check in with our Registration Team and ensure that their participants and vehicle arrive at start area at the top end of Baylis st (train station end) at the assigned time, wear the accreditation provided by Wagga Mardi Gras on Parade day to identify themselves and remain with their entry at all times.

HANDOUTS: Objects of suitable size or materials (eg small soft items) may handed out on the Parade route or thrown to audience members. Please note: We ask entrants to consider the impact of rubbish along the parade route. Liability for injuries to spectators remains with each entrant group. Wagga Mardi Gras reserves the right to prohibit items deemed unsuitable.

LINE UP ORDER: Parade placement is at the sole discretion of Wagga Mardi Gras officials.

On Parade day, all Entrants must line up in the section to which they have been assigned and must do so at the designated time and location. Each organisation must stay in its section for the duration of the Parade. Wagga Mardi Gras Start Marshalling Volunteers will be at your assigned block to help ensure proper line-up. 

MEDIA: The Parade may be recorded and broadcasted on television, as well as photographed from various media outlets.

Your Entrant group’s participation in the Parade constitutes permission to authorise official Wagga Mardi Gras media partners to video, photograph, record and transmit the messages, signage, participants and vehicles/floats in your Entrant group during the Parade. You are responsible for notifying the individuals in your group about this section and that they may be captured on film for broadcast use.

MOVEMENT: Gaps in the Parade train hinder everyone’s enjoyment and delays the time in which everyone can return home or continue partying elsewhere. To avoid this, Entrant groups are expected to be moving forward along the route at a walking pace, unless stopped by Wagga Mardi Gras volunteers, security or NSW Police.

PARTICIPANT PERSONAL SAFETY: Please follow all instructions of Wagga Mardi Gras guidlines and Volunteers; they are there to help you. The parade will proceed in all weather conditions.

Please ensure your participants have sufficient sunscreen, water or weather protection that suit the conditions of the day, it will most likely be hot.

Wagga Mardi Gras retains the right to remove from the Parade any persons who are appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

RESTRICTIONS: Restricted items include fire, open flames, pyrotechnics (fireworks), flares, fire batons, fire breathing, sparklers, sparks, welding, weapons or imitation weapons, hazardous or flammable goods and goods prohibited by law. We also strictly control the use of projectiles and remote controlled devices including any kind of drone, remote controlled helicopters, places and cars.

Other restrictions include all forms of nudity, solicitation of funds, and campaigning.

Laws relating to the use of public space, car registration, driving under the influence, the consumption of alcohol and other drugs all remain in place during the Parade.

The Parade and start area are alcohol and drug free zones.

SPECIAL EFFECTS & SUSTAINABILITY: All audio, lighting, AV equipment or any infrastructure must be secure and in good order and to comply with minimum industry standards.

Wagga Mardi Gras Committee is committed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and this extends to keeping our Parade route clean.

Please note that glitter cannons are not to be used and if you are intending on using confetti, it must be bio-degradable and water-soluble, and the use of non attached balloons is prohibited.

The waste from each entrant is the responsibility of the group; take home everything you bought to the parade.

VEHICLE GUIDELINES:  Wow the audience! Try to find inventive ways of framing the cab, covering the wheels and transforming the vehicle as effectively as possible.

The maximum length of this vehicle whilst on Parade route, including all additions and adornments is: 2.4m wide, 4.3m high and 11m long. These measurements are non-negotiable and we will expect the precise vehicle measurements, make/model details and registration number to be supplied in your application.

Wagga Mardi Gras will accept the following vehicles:

  • Cars, including convertibles

  • Utes

  • Motorbikes or Trikes

  • 2 – 8 tonne Flatbed Trucks

  • Buses, Minibuses or Vans

Your vehicle must be registered and roadworthy and drivers must be appropriately licensed.

Your drivers must not have a blood alcohol level over the legal limit or be under the influence of drugs. Breath testing may occur at start and end areas.

If you have a flatbed truck and participants standing on the tray, you must either implement railings or barriers to prohibit people from falling off the edges or secure participants to a solid structure with appropriate safety harnesses. No one may enter or exit the vehicle once it is in motion on the Parade route

CATEGORY EXCLUSIONS: Unless otherwise approved, Wagga Mardi Gras reserves the right to not consider sponsorship or entries from: Any organisation or entity who does not meet the Wagga Mardi Gras standard and guidelines.

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